About Us

Here's how we came to the startup studio concept and what experience we've gained over the years.

Our Story

Before the creation of Efrox, we went through many stages together and separately. Let us tell you about our experience.

We started in 2014 as a local marketing agency in Western Ukraine. The main services were website development, SEO, SMM, and individual branding services.

Within next few years we started working with Ukrainian and foreign companies as an outsourcing team. Due to that we have gained valuable experience in launching and promoting projects of varying size, scale, and complexity. Also, there were some ideas of our own projects.

The first Telegram bot @instasavegrambot was launched in 2017. In 2020 working on our own projects began to take more than 50% of our time. Client projects remained a significant part of the work, but priorities changed.

Now we have more than 10 own projects in the hand and keep generating new ideas. At the moment we’re focused only on our own projects.

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